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Linksys, Netgear, Westell and some other smaller brands use the IP as a default IP address for their broadband routers. However, not only broadband routers can use this IP address. The IP is in the range between and which makes it a private IPv4 address. What does this mean?

Private IP addresses can’t be used on the Internet; they are intended to be used in home networks only. Private IPs can be used in different networks, unlike public IP addresses where every computer on the Internet has to have a unique IP. This means that you can use the IP to access your own router, but you can’t access other people routers by typing that IP in your web browser.

In a network every machine also has to have a unique IP address, and there can’t be two machines with the same IP in one network. If that happens an IP conflict occurs. So in order to avoid IP conflicts, it is better to check if the IP address is already used by another machine in the network before we assign it to the desired computer.

How to Connect To A Router Using

If you are experiencing a problem in your home network or you want to set up your new router then you need to know its IP address. If the IP address of your router is you can easily access the router’s configuration options. All you have to do is to type in the address bar of your preferred browser and you will be asked for username and password.

However, in some cases this will not succeed because your router uses another IP address depending on the manufacturer, or the router has failed and is not responsive. If the default IP address of your router is not we recommend you to check the User’s manual or visit the producer’s website. You can also try the following to find your router’s IP:

1. In Windows 7, click the Start button and in the field “Search programs and files” type “run”. At the top of the menu you will see “Run” under Applications. Click it.
2. In the new window type “cmd” and press OK.
3. In the command prompt type “ipconfig” and hit Enter on your keyboard.
4. Look for Default gateway, and you will see your router IP there.

So, now when you are sure about your IP, if you know the username and password you will be able to access the router’s administrator console. If you don’t have or can’t remember the username and password you can always try the manufacturer’s default details. For example, if you own a Linksys router you can try to type “admin” in both username and password fields. If that doesn’t help, try to leave the username blank. In case your router is of another brand, or you can’t login after trying our suggestions you can always search the Internet for default passwords. Before you start searching, look at the following table and try these combinations first.

If someone has changed your default password and none of the given works you can always do a hardware reset of your router (put a paperclip in the pinhole in the router and hold the reset button for 10 seconds) and it will be reset to factory settings and hopefully the default username and password will work.

25 Responses to “”

  1. Alex says:

    I would like to secure router,as we have many unsecured one in our area.Would you please email procedure .

  2. David says:

    how do i get to your login screen

  3. Mark says:

    i want to put a pass word on my router. i don’t know how and need help.

  4. N Pat says:

    When I type it does not take me to my router site. I need to change my type of security.

  5. promiseson j says:

    how can i know the amount of net usage

  6. stolen signal says:

    please help. I bought a new computer and I got my signal stolen thru it. I got rid of the new computer but I want to use my router as it was with my little accer but is not working and i have no access to the page of my router address.

  7. roberto deza says:

    trying to configurate new service, can´t go any furthher

  8. mohit says:

    i m trying to connect to main page to log in to my acoount on bt it says dat google crome couldnt connect to that page. i sincerely needs ur help pls help me

  9. Rumena Begum says:

    i want to access my laptop with internet connection but i could not used my laptop.could you help me to make my own security key?


  10. eman says:

    i want to remove password from my router

    i have made password for my dsl router

    then i pressed reset hole to remove it

    but now i can not access to my router account on web so i could remove it there

    what i can do now ?

  11. M SATISH says:

    i would like to configure bsnl broadband but its can’t open in my system so please give any solution.

  12. reza says:

    problem for contact to
    I contact to ( for setup router I see (Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage)!
    I test by 4 computer no contact
    please help me!
    thank you

  13. Mauricio Rinaldi says:

    Boa noite!
    Tenho um roteador da marca TP-LINK modelo TL-WR340GD e não estou conseguindo configurar.Pode me dar uma dica da instalação no meu Not?


  14. georgette bales says:

    Can you help me?

    We moved to another state and I set up internet with Charter. All our computers are working fine…1 desktop where the router is plugged in and 2 wireless lap tops. When I check wireless security it says Not secured. I assume that means that anyone in the vicinity with a lap top can just tap into my internet service…right? How do I get a new key to secure my linksys router without changing the password that is working for my computers at the moment? Or anything else I should know.

    Also when i try to go to the it will not load the page….



    Georgette Bales

  15. Sarai says:

    I am trying to access the and it comes up with P-660-D1
    I tried various passwords that i have found would work but none have
    I dont know what else to do.
    Please Help!!!

  16. harrie fabrykant says:

    had issues with my internet and wireless connection. Had an agent from Verizon enter my computer. For some reason we can’t get my iphone to reconize my password. Not sure if it changed, if so, I don’t know it! The agent showed my the 24 letters and numbers from the set up page, but it didn’t work either. He said to contact Apple, but they want a fee. Any help would be appreciated. H.F.

  17. Susan Sheridan says:

    I spent a long time trying to use the ip address above to add password to my unprotected internet service with Time Warner, using Linsky router. Supposed to click Wireless, then security, then WEP and so forth. Can not find the right location for this ip address.

  18. Via says:

    I’ve typed and hit ENTER but I have not been promted for my username and password? Please help….

    • Terry D says:

      Keep reading the original post – instructions there for finding the ip address using the “Run” function.

  19. Cathie says:

    I have a WBR614v7 router and it does not have a hole where you can put a papperclip in th reset it. I cannot find any reset on this router.

  20. Alvin says:

    How do I put I password on my router and
    How I log into

  21. Rick says:

    i need to change my security type, but i do not know how. i am trying to connect my psp to my internet and it says “security not supported”. what do i do?

  22. Ashok Abhyankar says:

    Trying to install new router but when ever I type it does not open at all so that I can enter admin to go step 9 and set up

  23. Terry D says:

    Thanks – this has been very helpful.
    But the reason I wanted to log on was to extend the range of my wireless – I seem to recall one of my friend computer techs reducing the range many years ago. But now we want wireless access at the front of the house – some 25 metres away.
    Is this possible with a Lynksys Wireless 6 router.

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